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Discover our premium joining solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

Trust NORMA Group as the reliable original equipment manufacturer and development partner for the automotive industry and vehicle aftermarket parts. Our top brands, NORMA® and ABA, represent quality, safety, and dependability worldwide, setting industry standards for innovative joining solutions.

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Fuel Line Repair Kit
Faster and easier

Innovation in action: NORMA® Fuel Line Repair Kit

Save time, save money: Repair fuel lines in just 5 minutes without replacing the line: 

  • Everything in one box
  • 42 parts for repairing up to 8 fuel lines
  • Save material and time
  • Original equipment parts included

For every application the right joining solution

Air intake & induction

Air Intake & Induction

Make connecting and fastening simple and safe with our fastening products for air intake and/or crankcase ventilation.

Cooling systems

Cooling Systems

Our thermally flexible products maintain tight seals even under extreme temperature fluctuations, ensuring dependability in difficult working conditions.

exhaust systems

Exhaust Systems

Whether for replacement or repair, our exhaust pipe clamps ensure secure, tight connections for emission-free installations.

Fuel & Oil Systems

Fuel & Oil Systems

We offer the right connection solutions to ensure secure, leak-free fuel and oil line connections for smooth engine functioning.



The more power under the hood, the greater the demands on materials. Even with large heat fluctuations, our heat-resistant connection solutions hold firmly and tightly in turbochargers.

fixing and retaining

Fixing & Retaining

Repaired and ready: fix pipes, hoses or cable harnesses securely and firmly with our high-quality and robust mounting clamps and cable ties for cars.

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