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For over 70 years, NORMA Group has been offering innovative joining solutions with original part quality: reliable to use, easy to install, and with durable material - even under demanding conditions.

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Original Equipment Parts (OEP)

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Professionals know that original parts make all the difference in vehicles. Only original components guarantee the quality and high technology of the vehicle, as they were installed by the manufacturer. NORMA Group has been precisely delivering this OE Parts standard for many decades - as a reliable supplier to the automotive industry. 90% of all European vehicle manufacturers work with our products. The innovative joining solutions from NORMA Group are installed in up to 100 application areas within the new vehicle. We also offer many of these original parts to the automotive aftermarket. Quality we are proud of locally and across Europe.

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90% of all vehicle manufacturers in Europe use our products. We offer many OE parts in the aftermarket. Why should you bet on anything else?

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We are a full-range supplier of connection technology in vehicles and we make work easier with smart product solutions.

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We offer you original parts that were originally installed in the new vehicle at an excellent price.

Exhaust hose clamp
Our workshop favourites

Don't miss out these product highlights


Easy repair of butt joint pipes


High-performance clamp for joining two overlapping exhaust pipes


Long-lasting automatic re-tensioning effect

SR Single-Lock

Easy and secure with Single-Lock feature


Quick release for rapid assembly


Ensures automatic re-tensioning effect

Aftermarket OE parts
OE Parts in the Aftermarket

Good to know

Over 90% of European automobile manufacturers rely on products from NORMA! Whether in fuel or cooling systems, in exhaust systems or turbochargers: we have installed clamps, connectors and media-carrying lines at up to 100 connection points in the new vehicle. We also offer many of these products in the aftermarket as original parts for independent garages.

Andreas Weber Quote
“In your vehicle you will find up to 100 NORMA joining solutions that are constantly exposed to high pressures, extreme temperature fluctuations and sometimes aggressive media. Inconspicuous components that reliably perform a very important task. We are a reliable partner for all well-known European automobile manufacturers for decades. That is why we also supply OE parts for the automotive aftermarket that meet the highest quality standards. You can count on that! "
Andreas Weber, Director Sales Northern & Central Europe